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Specialist Technician

Favourite drink: White Wine

Favourite services: Yuko and Hair Extensions

I work: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Lyndsey /

I've been with Tufties as a Specialist technician since opening in 2000 and I'm an expert in Great Lengths hair extensions, Yuko hair straightening, Fabriq smoothing treatment and Ultra Strands hair enhancers.


Since being part of this amazing team for 21 years, I have grown my love of hair and I love that I can create complete transformations, moving my guests forward to give them something that little bit special every time they walk through the door.

The most important thing to me about your visit is that you feel relaxed and leave with hair that you can manage yourself at home. And don't worry if you have very little hair or absolutely loads-there is always something to suit everyone.


I'm calm and down to earth and will always be considerate and understanding to you, your ideas and hair needs. Why not come in and have a chat.


My life outside of work: is spent socialising with family, and walks in the hills, with our dog Poppy.

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