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Celluma LED Light Therapy /

Celluma Light Therapy is an amazing treatment that uses light energy to painlessly penetrate your skin and restore vitality to damaged cells. This process naturally relieves pain and gives your body the boost of cellular energy it needs to recover faster and better than ever before it is quick and very effective treatment improving a variety of skin conditions especially acne, psoriasis and facial lines. We add Celluma to a lot of our facials to help the skin to rejuvenate and produce amazing results. It can also be used for healing painful joints or muscles after a massage.



CELLUMA / added to another facial or massage




Treatment Time

30-60 min



Treatment Area

Face & Body



  • What is Lipofirm PRO?
    Lipofirm is the latest body contouring device that reduces fat, tightens skin, tones muscle and reduces cellulite all at the same time. This treatment is non invasive and can be used to treat the face and body.
  • How does Lipofirm work?
    With the help of radiofrequency energy, LipoFirm can heat the deeper layers of skin and cause the collagen fibres to contract. Tripolar Radio-frequency Technology (RF) and Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) Technology are two Trilipo technologies combined in Lipofirm. The procedure uses principles of tissue oxygenation and detoxification to maximize skin tightening effects, fat reduction, and lymphatic drainage. The process can also lift the face and accentuate the jawline in addition to the usual treatment areas of the thighs, arms, buttocks, and stomach.
  • Are there any side effects?
    Just smoother skin, defined muscles and a contoured body! After treatment the area can feel a little achy, as its the equivalent of doing thousands of sit ups! These side effects are considered normal and temporary and typically go away within a few hours of the session. Naturally settings are adjusted for comfort & results.
  • How many sessions do I need?
    We always recommend a course of 8 which are spaced about 1 week apart. For optimum results we recommend treatments are started a good 3 months before a big event or holiday. Visible results can be witnessed within the first few sessions, depending on the area.
  • Do you lose weight from Lipofirm?
    Lipofirm is not a weight loss solution. It breaks down fat, exercises muscles, tighten skin and reduces cellulite in the areas that are being treated. It's designed for body sculpting and skin tightening and is more popularly known as a body contouring treatment. It is wise to have realistic expectations from the process and understand that while Lipofirm can enhance the appearance of cellulite and skin, a good diet and regular exercise cannot be replaced by it.
  • How long does it last?
    Results from Lipofirm can be seen for up to 9-12 months after a course depending on lifestyle, and area’s being treated. As each person’s metabolism and collagen production are unique, the length of the results will vary from person to person. But after a course we always recommend a top up session every now then, ranging from once a month to a year, to maintain optimum results for longer.
  • Does Lipofirm actually work?
    Lipofirm is FDA approved which means that it is clinically & medically proven to provide the results stated. A revolutionary treatment on its own, Lipofirm has yielded amazing results all over the world.
  • What does the treatment involve?
    Glycerol is applied to the area being treated, to allow the hand piece to glide effortlessly across the skin. The Lipofirm hand piece feels warm on the skin from the Radio Frequency, and stimulates the muscles to contract which can be felt during the treatment. Both Radio Frequency settings and the DMA microcurrent (muscle contract settings) can be increased and decreased for your comfort and results.
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